Our Services

We offer a full range of cleaning solutions to many industries

Our Services

We Offer a Wide Variety of Professional Commerial Cleaning Services. Our Cleaning Services Include:

Commercial Cleaning Services for Businesses and Offices

Our expert office cleaning teams will provide your company with a worry-free way of maintaining a professional and clean atmosphere day after day. We do your dirty work, so you can concentrate on your business. Whether your company requires daily office cleaning services for your building, or a weekly/monthly service, we will customize an office cleaning program specifically geared for your business.

Welcome your guests with entrances and lobbies that have bright, glistening doors and windows, spotless surfaces, and a neat reception area. As soon as they arrive, you will make a good first impression that will last. With proper hard floor surface maintenance and daily carpet care, we’ll make sure all your high-traffic public areas like hallways and stairwells are safe, clean and inviting.

Offices, workstations, and conference rooms are where most of each day’s activity can be found and keeping them free of dirt and germs is essential to employee health and well-being. From dusting to waste removal, ISHINE will keep your workplace spotless. Your employees will notice attention to detail we give to every single desk, cabinet and chair.
In shared, commonly used areas such as break rooms and restrooms, keeping a clean sanitary space is of the utmost importance. To stop odors, maintain excellent indoor air quality, and make sure workplace health hazards steer clear, you’ll find our sanitization services to be superior and effective throughout the office building.

ISHINE cleaning janitorial services include but not limited to:

• Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly cleaning
• Entrance, reception, lobby and hallway cleaning
• Complete floor cleaning: Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming
• Dust and spot cleaning of all office furniture
• Kitchen, break, lunchroom, and cafeteria cleaning
• Restroom and shower cleaning
• Elevator and stairwells
• Garbage removal
• Tile & grout cleaning
• Floor stripping & waxing
• And much more

We provide Janitorial Services to the following industries:

• Any size of commercial office buildings
• Medical & Dental facilities
• Schools and Daycare centers
• Recreational, gyms, spas and yoga/dance studios
• Retail shops
• Financial institutions
• Industrial facilities
• Warehouse buildings
• Government buildings
• Community Centre
• Supermarkets
• Food plants
• And much more

Ishine cleaning

Green Cleaning

ISHINE Cleaning Services uses eco-friendly cleaning products and sustainable cleaning practices to help create a clean and healthy environment for your office, building, and or commercial space. 

We achieve green cleaning by implementing the following practices:


Micro-Fiber technology

ISHINE uses color-coded Micro-fiber system for specific areas which ensures that dirt and bacteria are not transferred to other rooms eliminating cross contamination. Using microfiber technology is environmentally friendly and reduces chemical usage while being time effective and efficient.


Backpack Vacuum Technology

Backpack vacuums use HEPA filtration technology to keep the air cleaner and capture 99.97% of the contaminants from carpet and floor surfaces. Using this technology helps reduce the risk of respiratory infections creating a healthier environment for your facility.


Hospital Grade Disinfectants

Hospital grade disinfectants clean and sanitize surfaces while simultaneously reducing the risk of infections. They’re designed to kill germs and sanitize surfaces in workplace areas where bacteria grow. Using hospital grade disinfectants allows you and your employees to enjoy a safe and healthy work environment.

No job is too big for us. Contact us today to get excellent janitorial services and competitive prices for all services.

Medical Office Cleaning

Doctors and medical professionals rely on a clean environment to keep patients and employees safe and to prevent the spread of fungus, bacteria, and viruses. Our team has experience cleaning and sanitizing locations of all shapes and sizes and are qualified to use hospital grade disinfectant cleaners and techniques to ensure a deep, sterile clean while protecting the health and longevity of your clients and business. We work with:
• Doctor’s offices
• Walk-in/ Urgent care clinics
• Dental facilities
• Physiotherapists/Chiropractors offices
• Hospitals
• Long-term care homes
• And much more

ISHINE Cleaning Services is committed to providing healthcare facilities cleaning solutions in a timely, cost-effective manner. Our cleaning services include:

• Examination room and waiting room cleaning
• Nursing stations
• Corridor, lobby and restroom cleaning
• Exposed surfaces disinfection (desks, computer keyboards, monitors, telephones, and so on)
• Trash removal
• Sweeping, dusting, mopping, and vacuuming

Healthcare facility cleaning, sterilization, and disinfection are not task’s we take lightly. We understand that there is no margin for error, which is why we employ a state-of the art color coding system to avoid cross-contamination.

School Cleaning

ISHINE believes in providing a healthy and clean learning environment that protects the health and well-being of your students, staff, and visitors. We provide the highest quality school janitorial services for every type of educational facility, from daycares/nurseries, high schools, private schools, driving schools, religious schools and everything in between. We will keep your classrooms clean, your hallways hygienic, and your students protected. 

Few of our services are:

• Customary daily, routine cleaning & sanitation
• Offices, conference rooms and library cleaning
• Entrances and lobby cleaning
• Light switches/door handles sanitation
• Detailed table/desk cleaning
• Lunchroom/cafeteria cleaning
• Physical activity rooms/Gyms/Auditorium cleaning
• Baseboard cleaning
• Garbage removal & floor cleaning
• Detailed dusting/ vacuuming
• Children’s toys sanitation
• And much more

Daycare Cleaning Services

ISHINE is proud to offer exceptional cleaning services to daycares across Ontario, creating healthy, germ-free spaces for young minds to grow. Daycares and Montessori facilities must meet strict standards of cleanliness, and our team can deliver thorough, effective cleaning using hospital-grade products to ensure you meet all requirements.

Our daycare cleaning services are always conducted by fully trained cleaners who understand how to target germ hot spots in the childcare environment, including desktops, tables, toy and play areas, door handles and floors to prevent the spread of illness.

*** For the safety and security of all your students, staff and visitors, we make it easy to identify our staff by wearing full uniforms, including prominent name tags whenever we’re on site. Our staff are specially trained in the cleaning and security needs of educational institutions. Our crews are bonded, insured, and very trustworthy! We select only the best cleaning staff with proven track records. In addition, the keys and alarm codes you assign us will always be tracked and accounted for. Special care will be taken when operating your alarm system, and doors will be double-checked. We conduct police background checks prior to start date. ***

Recreational Facilities

The best fitness facilities look clean and smell great, creating an inviting experience for both new and existing members. At ISHINE, we are committed to quality, and that means using innovative cleaning processes which provide a peace of mind for your guests allowing them to focus on their health, rather than being concerned if the environment around them is clean. You can count on ISHINE to create the clean, fresh-smelling, healthy and welcoming environment you’re looking for.

Gym & Fitness Centre's

Our team of cleaners understand which areas of a fitness centre requires the most attention. These areas must always be kept clean due to very high usage which makes them a magnet for dirt and germs. We will ensure these areas are spotless and disinfected thoroughly daily. By using our advanced processes and technology to properly get rid of germs, bacteria, molds, water marks, and grout from all shower walls, floors and other surfaces. We can customize your regular fitness centre cleaning to ensure your facility is safe and healthy for your visitors to enjoy.


Spa / Dance / Yoga Studio

Prevent cold, flu and illnesses from spreading to staff, and club members with a professional and reliable cleaning which focuses on floors, equipment and other high-touch areas leaving your guests relaxed and stress free in a fresh and clean environment. Our team cleans massage tables, locker rooms, and everything in between using the latest techniques and products.


Retail Cleaning

From major retailers to local boutiques, ISHINE knows that your business reputation is built from the moment shoppers walk in the door. Trust our experienced retail cleaners to help you create a positive customer experience that boosts your brand. We use the latest cleaning tools and techniques to combat dust, reduce the spread of germs and create a fresh-smelling shopping experience.

We tailor our techniques and frequency of cleaning to suit your requirements, whether you operate a grocery store or another type of retail facility. In all cases, we use our proprietary methods and tracking processes to ensure you receive the best possible cleaning. Our cleaning services include:

• Cleaning of hard floor surfaces
• Dusting and cleaning of surfaces
• Thorough disinfection of restrooms
• Doorknobs, tables and countertops that are touched by many customers throughout a typical shopping day.
• Special services such as hard floor care cleaning.
• And much more

Industrial Cleaning

As a licensed industrial facility, keeping your work environment in top shape is your number one priority. You need industrial janitorial services that align with your goals, keep your staff safe, and produce exceptional results that will wow your clients and executive team. ISHINE offers unparalleled industrial cleaning services to warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other industrial buildings both large and small. Each of our hand-selected technicians are trained on all the latest up to date safety protocol and janitorial practices, as well as receive extensive additional training to protect your privacy and security.

Your industrial cleaning schedule can incorporate a wide range of services to meet your unique requirements. Whether you need daily, weekly or bi-weekly cleanings, we’ll design a schedule that keeps your industrial facility looking and operating at its best. Your chosen industrial janitorial services may include:

• Specialty cleaning services on a weekly, monthly, seasonal or yearly basis
• Complete hard floor & carpet care
• Stripping, waxing, or sealing of floors
• Removal of dirt, grease, debris and dust
• Sanitization of surfaces using hospital-grade disinfectants

At ISHINE Cleaning, we understand that industrial facilities have strict and complex schedules and important regulations to adhere to. Our priority is always to provide a safe and clean facility to ensure continuity of your operations. If you would like more information about our industrial janitorial services or get a free quote, please contact us today.

Apartment/Condominium Building Cleaning

ISHINE Cleaning understands and is fully equipped to handle any type of Apartment and Condominium building cleaning. While individual condo owners are responsible for the maintenance of their own spaces, the common areas within the building must be cleaned to the highest standard to ensure they remain clean, safe and attractive for residents and visitors. ISHINE cleaning is an ideal choice for your buildings because our dedication, thoroughness and dedication to high quality service and consistent customer satisfaction.

When you hire ISHINE to clean and maintain the appearance and hygiene of your residential building, you can be assured that your lobby will be impeccably maintained; walkways, entryways, and stairways will be clean and clutter-free; windows and floors will sparkle and shine, and tenant-frequented areas and amenities will be kept clean and cared for by our highly trained and skilled cleaning team. We will ensure that all harmful viruses and bacteria are taken care of leaving your residents, staff, and visitors with a cleaner and healthier environment.

All our cleaning crews are uniformed and display an ID badge so you can feel confident in your choice of cleaning services. For a custom quote on your apartment or condominium building’s cleaning needs, get in touch with us for a free quote

Floor Stripping and Waxing

Are your floors dull, scratched, stained, or worn-out? It could be time to get them stripped and waxed by a professional cleaning company like ISHINE Cleaning Services. Making use of the latest technology, our expert technicians will carefully remove the old wax and replace it with a brand new one. Once buffed, your floor will look brand-new.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tired of not being able to get your tile floor truly clean with a mop and bucket? If you want to get your tile and grout squeaky clean, use our new Ceramic Tile Cleaning & Sealing System. Our new technology lets us clean your tile and grout with highly pressurized hot water with complete control and removal for the most thorough clean ever!

Cost-Effective Floor Stripping/Waxing and Tile Cleaning

Our prices are based largely on the square footage of the area that requires cleaning. If you know the exact square footage of the floor you need to be done, we can give you a quote over the phone. If not, it's no problem. We will simply visit your property to take the measurements and draft a quote on the spot. We strive to keep our prices low without sacrificing service standards.


Commercial-Grade Waxing and Stripping

Our waxing and stripping services are perfect for businesses that have the following types of flooring
• Concrete
• Stone
• Granite
• And more!


We always encourage a site visit in order to give you a precise quote. Not only will we accurately measure the floor, but we will also figure out exactly what type of services are required to bring your floor back to pristine condition.

We serve a wide range of businesses and commercial facilities throughout the region. Some of these include:

• Schools
• TV studios
• Stores
• Shopping malls
• Restaurants
• Medical offices
• Gyms
• Offices
• Showrooms
• And much more

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